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Our staff has the expertise to help you and our third party inspection services verify your compliance to industry standards and building codes including ANSI/TPI 1 - Chapter 3, International Residential Code and International Building Code. 

We’re here to elevate you to the ranks of the more than 300 component manufacturing locations currently partnering with us for their quality assurance inspections. Our staff is accredited to inspect: 

  • Wood Trusses

  • Steel Trusses

  • Wood Wall Panels

  • Steel Wall Panels


Initially a proactively sought alternative to in-person inspections during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, SBCRI’s remote third party quality assurance (QA) inspections have quickly become an accepted and effective way to maintain an accredited quality assurance program will continuing to provide you with the one-on-one communication and training you’ve come to expect. Using mobile technology and a videoconferencing service, such as Zoom or GoToMeeting, remote inspections are quick and easy to coordinate all while increasing efficiency.


  • SBCA Members who use SBCA’s FREE, Member-only Digital QC pay $95 per location/per quarter for QA (only available for wood trusses)

  • SBCA Members who use any other QC programs pay $190 per location/per program/per quarter for QA

  • Non-members pay $400 per location/per program/per quarter for QA

Fill out the Sign Up Form today to get started on your third party quality assurance program!

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