SBCA and TPI Joint Communication covering Third Party QA Inspection Program Transition

Measuring a roof truss joint

Measuring a roof truss for overall height

Key changes are taking place within the truss and wall panel manufacturing community.

In a very constructive series of discussions that started in the fall of 2017, TPI and SBCA agreed to reduce our overlapping interests and duplicative efforts through the restructuring of the industry associations. Change is reflected in scopes of work and areas of responsibilities of each association that align with member business models. Our agreement is best described through the February 12, 2018, article in SBC Industry News entitled SBCA & TPI Progressing on Realignment of Roles.

Since SBCA is focused on the component design, manufacturing and structural framework industry, it makes sense that it is in the best interests of truss and wall panel manufacturers that SBCA own and operate the TPI Third Party Inspection program through its subsidiary SBCRI. Why? Because no one knows truss and wall panel manufacturing better than those that operate truss and wall panel manufacturing operations. And no one can better define the in-plant, third party and jobsite quality standards than truss and wall panel manufacturers.

The QA Program will be transitioned from TPI to SBCA. To reach that goal, TPI and SBCA are committed to:

  1. Facilitating a smooth transition;
  2. Transitioning to a new TPI QA program that is equal to or better than the existing QA program;
  3. Achieving no service disruptions. In other words, each of our customers will not see any fundamental change taking place with the current TPI inspection program. 

To learn more or get involved in our Third Party QA program, contact John Arne at 608-310-6702.