Material, Design or Method of Construction Quality Assurance

Program Benefits & Services

  • Simple to implement
  • Meets building code & industry standard quality control requirements
  • Provides an objective tool to evaluate quality manufacturing or system-wide processes
  • Adds value & credibility to your processes
  • Provides quality control chart tracking
  • On-going phone support

The quality of your product is dependent on many variables including incoming materials, manufacturing process, personnel, storage, and labeling. SBCRI supports a product/material manufacturer or product/system design process meeting building code and industry standard quality control (QC) requirements. A well-managed QC program provides an objective tool to evaluate quality manufacturing or system-wide processes. Our Third Party Quality Assurance (QA) Program supports your in-plant QC efforts and adds value and credibility to your processes.

SBCRI performs QA inspections of products as required per Chapter 17 of the building code. Inspections performed by SBCRI are accomplished in a unique manner specific to the QC process needs. This can include but is not limited to a variety of observational methods and verification testing. Our QA inspection methods provide the client with quality control chart tracking because we know that if we can measure quality, we can manage any changes in quality processes more effectively. For more information, contact:

John Fredrick
SBCRI General Manager

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