Value-Addition Through Innovation

Testing – Capabilities

The SBC Research Institute allows for accurate, full-scale testing and analysis of a variety of construction products in a real-world environment.  

  • Standard widths up to 30'
  • Standard heights ranging from 10" floor systems to 20' high series of floors, walls and a roof
  • Standard lengths up to 90' long
  • Maximum testing area available: 35' wide x 32' high x 90' long

Our small-scale, single-element testing can be utilized for independent analysis or for use in tandem with full-scale testing.

  • Bending testing from 22' long x 5' wide
  • Tension testing up to 5' wide
  • Lateral load testing from 4' to 23' long

In other words, we can conduct anything from traditional, single-element testing, to full, in-situ system testing, and everything in between.

For single-element testing, we can verify:

  • Adhesive, nail, screw, staple, hanger and related fastener performance
  • Joist, rafter, truss, header, beam, wall and related structural member performance

Want real-world performance? With in-situ testing, we can verify:

  • Fastener performance in the connection system
  • Structural member performance when all the connections and load distribution elements are attached
  • Diaphragm performance
  • Flow of loads throughout the system

Choose your loading conditions:

  • We can apply lateral, gravity and uplift loads.
  • Loads can be applied individually or simultaneously.
  • Loading pattern can be monotonic or cyclic.

SBCRI was designed with flexibility in mind to allow testing of many different construction materials and methods. Your imagination is the only limit to the testing we can perform. Take a closer look at SBCRI's various testing stations.