Value-Addition Through Innovation

The SBC Research Institute is the state-of-the-art, ANAB ISO 17025 Accredited
testing facility of the structural components industry. Through single-element and in-situ testing,
SBCRI provides "value addition through innovation."

Value Addition Through Innovation

While transformation is easy for others to talk about, at SBCRI we are daily finding ways to make it happen. By means of rigorous building material and method testing, we are discovering ways to revolutionize the light-frame construction industry to the immediate and lasting benefit of structural building component manufacturers and their builder customers. SBCRI's mission is to facilitate the innovation potential of the structural components industry and empirically establish they are the future of framing. Click on one of the three images above and begin to learn how we do it. SBCRI is owned and operated by the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA).